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Rëdtomatoës Apostille service in Oakland-San Francisco Bay area California, offers FBI Apostille process from US Department of State in Washington, D.C. We provide FBI Live Scan and FBI Apostille service in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose Bay Area. We make getting an Apostille on your FBI Criminal Background Check Easy and Fast. Applicants applying to Travel, work, immigrate or live in foreign country, are asked by their respective Embassy/Consulate to provide an Apostille on a FBI Criminal Background Check. FBI Apostille service with us saves you time and money by processing your paperwork directly with the US Department of State in Washington, D.C. Let us take this important, complicated, and time-consuming process off your hands.

Redtomatoes Apostille FBI Services. We provide fast FBI Apostille on Criminal Background Checks through the US Department of State in Washington, D.C. Call us at 1-510-847-4828 or 1-510-705-8545. Our Services can physically present your FBI background check to the US Department of State, making the process faster and more secure.  Currently the US Department of State Apostille service is taking an average of 5 business days for your FBI background check to be Apostilled. 

Drop/Mail your document or choose Pick up and Delivery of your documents

  • FBI Background check Apostille & Federal Documents

  • Embassy Legalization & Chain Authentication of documents

  • All fees disclosed in advance of service

  • Apostille Guaranteed

  • Please call for more info

Obtaining an FBI Apostille can be complicated, confusing and overwhelming for many individuals, If time is a factor for you or if you are unsure about all of the steps,our Apostille Service will correctly handle the process for you. Mistakes can be costly and very time which is why we begun offering this service to our clients.


If you don’t yet have an FBI Background check, you can obtain one from our FBI-Approved Channelers– Our agencies have the authority to provide you with an original FBI report (background check). We are an Authorized My FBI Report center (An NCR FBI Channeler service), the average turn-around-time  is about 3-4 days for the channeler to mail the background check to you. The channelers are able to e-mail the criminal reports to you within 48 hours, which are also accepted by the U.S Department of State for Apostille-Authentication purposes. However, make sure that printed reports are accepted in the country you will use the FBI background check in.

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